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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Who Am I?

Civilization it is said started from my village
Yet all my ways had been described as backward and meaningless
My forefathers had been great and mighty
How I became a slave I cannot tell
I have been blessed with the best of resources
But my head and feet are soaked in poverty
For years I was alienated to my own land
Till I gained liberation in self-consciousness
Till I gained control over my very own
To restore my long lost glory.

Denouncing all that made me inferior,
I educated myself to think for myself
Placing my own at political and economic doors
To open and close all affairs in my interest
But the freedom is soon to be bastardized
Many got confused and some lacked visions
Others raped my economy for selfish intercourse
Some prostituted with the old adversary
Only for me to cater for their accumulated issues
Some committed adultery with strange banks
And many harassed the polity in cruel illicit affairs.

My destiny seemed to be in doom
Empowering my own became injurious to myself
As the center broke, the future got to the darkest level
Then came in the defenders with deadly sticks
The scenes of their play had been ironical
And the role of the actors on stage with no resolution
Romance with us else the rude of law hang your neck
Some brethren sought cover with the chimpanzees
The brave who loved the land were accused of promiscuity
And many got castrated for self-expression.

The pride in my land went into deep sleep
As the vacuous and vicious society got unbearable
In the mist of searching for the light
My true identity has been poisoned
Only my complexion reminds me factually
My culture and belief I cannot maintain
In the face of all vainglorious groups
I now communicate in gabble tongues
Put on confusing attires in my suffocating weather
And gad around unfamiliar delicacies
At least opportunity I move to other lands
Caring less what hell awaits me
Leaving my land to remain unproductive
Despite my numerous unprotected fornications
I still remain a pregnant virgin
Consuming all sorts of transferable commodities
And soliciting favours from my global friends
But never to mature to give birth to my own.

They say the future looks bright
Only a need for adjustments and alignments
To face the challenges of the new era
In freeing my brethren from their woes
Food, health, education, the ultimate!
However, there exists a lacuna of hypocrisy
Someone has saddled me with a burden
A burgling burden of old that is ruining my body and soul
When would I be allowed to get to the zenith?
Would my identity allow me?
If it would, my mentality must be progressive in integrity!
I am he striving to be me among them.

© Kofi Adu Domfeh


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