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Monday, November 5, 2012

Local venture launches ‘Wellness at Work’ project

M.Y. Ventures, a natural healthcare center, has initiated a Healthy Living Campaign to promote healthy lifestyles among business people and communities.

The project dubbed “Wellness at Work; Ensuring a Happy, Healthy Workforce” incorporates achievable, small steps for healthy eating and physical activity into everyday life.

It was launched in Kumasi with a free health screening and a talk on healthy living for staff of Multimedia Group, Kumasi Division.

According to Clement Des Bordes, Operations Manager and Head of the Business Development Unit at M.Y. Ventures, factors such as tight work schedules, production deadlines and other work-related challenges has driven the country’s labour force to either neglect matters of personal health.

He said it was high time people took their health needs seriously by embracing behavioural change, especially in their eating habits, whilst desisting from attributing all ailments to witchcraft.

“The Wellness at Work project is the first of several other outreach programs to be initiated by M.Y. Ventures. We believe that health is present when the human body’s physical, chemical, nutritional and emotional aspects are balanced. We also believe that Healthy Living is a right and NOT a privilege or luxury and we intend to spread this project to schools, churches, social clubs and other entities in our bid to spread the gospel of good health to the entire populace”, stated Mr. Des Bordes.
The campaign will be carried out in phases to reach all parts of the country. It will involve presentations on healthy living practices by Dr. Caesar, Chief Executive Officer of M.Y. Ventures, medical screening and free sampling of some of M.Y. Ventures high quality natural health products and food supplements.

Dr. Caesar said the special programs are also available to all institutions upon request, and he is hopeful that “the on-going campaign would serve as a platform for people to know their health status, to enable them live healthier, longer lives and increase productivity at their respective workplaces”.

Meanwhile, he has emphasized the need for Ghanaian corporate institutions to engage the services of nutritionists to protect the health of their workforce.

“We must bear in mind that when people are grouped as an institution, they are human beings that need all the care, including health”, he observed. “I propose that every organization should get a nutritionist; now our problem is food – what to eat, when to eat and how to go about it when we get problem – so we must have a primary health educationist in each institution so that we can always be healthy”.

Dr. Caesar said one of the major aims of the project is to educate the public on best eating practices to prevent diseases and avoid the problems of curing diseases.

“If we work hand-in-hand, our institutions can be very strong; we can boast of very strong workforce and that can yield high productivity”, he emphasized.

M.Y. Venture provides alternative natural healthcare and the firm is one of the nation’s leading providers of quality food supplements and natural health care services.

Story by Kofi Adu Domfeh

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