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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Samsung doubles mobile handset market share in Ghana

Samsung Electronics says it has more than doubled its mobile handset market share in Ghana over the past one year.

Company officials attribute the high patronage of smart phones to the growth in demand for the latest technology and mobile phone trends.

Business Leader at Samsung, Jaspreet Singh, is confident the company will continue to lead the market as it stays at the forefront in introducing new products and technologies.

He describes the Ghanaian market as strategic for Samsung, hence the decision to open an office in the country last year.

Samsung in June 2012 overtook Nokia as leader in Ghana’s mobile handset market. Techno Mobile is the third force on the market.

According to Jaspreet, Samsung is continually exploring new markets to build brand consciousness and leverage its market lead.

As the business grows in Ghana, he says there are arrangements to discourage patronage of imitated products.

“We’ll definitely do an anti-counterfeiting campaign in Ghana but in order to offer genuine products to our consumers, we have come up with warranty program whereby as a consumer you can check whether your product is genuine or it’s covering the warranty”, noted Jaspreet.

Samsung has been parading its new brand ambassador Sarkodie in Kumasi in an open session with patrons of Samsung smartphones and tablets.

Jaspreet says the engagement of the Ghanaian rap artist as a product icon forms part of the company’s package to delight consumers.

Story by Kofi Adu Domfeh


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