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Friday, February 15, 2013

KNUST Primary School kids lead environmental cleanliness

Some class five pupils of the KNUST Primary School in Kumasi have been on the streets of local communities in an exercise to promote environmental cleanliness.

With support from Zoomlion Ghana, the children stepped out of the classroom to appreciate factors that expose them to certain diseases and illness.

They also carried placards to sensitize the communities – inscriptions had messages like “without cleanliness we’ll get sick as children”, “keep our environment clean” and “We want our country to be clean”.

“We felt this is the time we have to take the children out for them to go and clean so that when they see filth, they’ll be able to tell other people not to drop these things around”, said Block Head, Nana Oye Woodeiz.

The kids were excited to be involved in the clean-up but amazed at the heap of filth around them.

“I want all my friends and other people in the world to know that when the environment is clean, we’ll not get sick, we won’t get diseases”, an excited pupil, Maxwell Mawutor, said.

Poor public attitude towards environmental sanitation has been identified as major obstacle in efforts to keep the environment clean and green.

Zoomlion has announced the formation of Zoom Kids Clubs in the various schools this year with the aim of targeting the children as agents of change.

Nana Oye has lauded the initiated, stating that “as children when one thing goes into their head it’s difficult for you to erase and I think when they start them young, it will help us, it will help our nation in years to come and our school would like to be part of the kids program.”

Story by Kofi Adu Domfeh

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