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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Profile of Ghanaian league raised by sports betting business

A reputable sports betting brand in Europe, mybet.com, says it is contributing to raising the profile of the Ghanaian football league.

Sports’ betting entails placing a bet on the outcome of a sporting event with the primary intent to win additional money.

Mybet.com Ghana is regulated by the Gaming Commission to take bets on sporting events across the globe, with special interest in soccer.

“Since we came to the market, we have included the Ghanaian leagues in it, so as to give it more of a local content”, said Kwaku Ohemeng Agyei, Chief Executive Officer of the company.

Sporting wagers can be on fixture or tournament results. For example, in a football game between Asante Kotoko and Chelsea, possible bets include Kotoko to beat Chelsea, Kotoko to win 2-1, Kotoko to win by one goal, Kotoko to be leading at half-time, and a particular player to score a goal.

“Now we have bookmakers across the globe inquiring about the local leagues, thinking that if we’re taking bets on the local league, then there is credibility to the local league”, stated Mr. Agyei.

Mybet.com Ghana has ventured the Kumasi market, after successfully operating outlets in the capital city, Accra for the past eight months.

The CEO described the Kumasi market as huge with prospects to grow the business and excite sports enthusiasts.

“Sports betting is totally different from lottery because lottery if pure luck”, he explained. “If you research well and you know your team, you can basically make money everyday from sports betting… it’s something that you can calculate and win”.

The firm is hoping to take bets on other social events, including political elections.

Story by Kofi Adu Domfeh

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